NaPoWriMo in Reflection

Thirty days later. Wow. That’s one way to spend a month.

It doesn’t feel like a whole month has passed, but it did and now it’s time to start fresh with some new mediums.

The poem I’m sharing today is a concrete poem, or a poem that forms an image. This was an idea I had been mulling over for a while, and I’m glad NaPoWriMo gave me a chance to explore it. The idea came after an interesting exchange I had with some new people I met with different backgrounds, and it really inspired me. I definitely don’t think the poem is the best, but I do like the images I see when I read it, and I think the actual image intensifies the idea of the poem. It’s called “Waves and Candy”.

Expressing myself solely in poetry for thirty days really got me thinking. I still prefer to read good poetry over writing my own terrible poetry. That is a fact. I still prefer fiction and screenwriting over poetry in general. That being said, I do think poetry is the best way to tell a story sometimes.

There was another thought that I had been turning around in my head for a while (not the same one as my concrete poem), and I never wrote it because it didn’t feel ready. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to say what I wanted to.

I’m glad I waited. I made it into a spoken word piece that I’m really proud of. I’ve always enjoyed spoken word, ever since middle school, and writing that poem confirmed it even more. Even though poetry as a whole isn’t my favorite, I think spoken word specifically might be one of my overall preferred forms of expression. If that makes any sense at all.

I think I’ve always had an appreciation for poetry, so I don’t think this month changed that in any way. I still stick with what I said before – poetry can become angsty real quick, and it is quite difficult to write good poetry. I’m glad this month helped me rediscover my love for spoken word, even though it wasn’t even a part of my thirty poems.

Anyways, here’s “Waves and Candy”. Until next time, ciao!

My concrete poem!
Credit: Original Image

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