Hello, My Name Is…

This semester, I’ve experimented a lot with my writing. I’ve pioneered new tracks and trails in my brain. About a year ago, I would have said that I chiefly write fiction.

That is still true.

But this past year, I’ve opened myself up to so many different mediums and have adopted some – my favorites being spoken word poetry and screenwriting. I’m excited to see where these new forms take me with my writing. I believe they will only elevate me, only take me new places.

My style has definitely been having an identity crisis – I’m not entirely certain how to define it. Right now I’ve been feeling very gentle, soft but strong in my words. Words that are so careful and light, but they make you think. That is my hope: to be subtle, but shake you.

I decided to re-share an earlier piece that I posted before. My favorite piece of the year was probably my creative essay, “Firm Handshakes”, which I recently adapted into a script. However, I think I need to step away from that piece and look at something else I wrote. One of my worst habits is clinging to pieces and mediums and not tasting and trying new things, and I don’t want to ruin this piece by focusing on it.

So…this final “re-sharing” is sort of my farewell to this piece for now.

I wrote this after competing in a global tournament and after experiencing the cultural exchange that took place. I seriously was mind-blown after it, and it was one of those moments in my life that may have been small, but I will never ever forget. Writing about a small fraction of that week has helped me sort out the ideas and feelings that came with that, so I’m so grateful that I had that opportunity.

I would like to eventually develop this piece into a much larger narrative essay of some type. I may do so later in the summer with fresh eyes. For now, this is my goodbye to the piece and the blog.

I chose this piece as my final hurrah because I think it embodies my identity as a writer as of right now: the subtle punch I hope to create.

So much of writing is trying to give yourself a name. I write to try to give myself a name. The world will give you all kinds, and they’ll try to steal them, and define you. I hope that this piece does everything that a good name should: that it tells you who I am.

For now,


till later, find the gold
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6 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is…

  1. I hadn’t read your original piece, but I have to say, they were both wonderful. You did an amazing job adapting the original essay into a script. Both showed a very true message that I think more people need to hear. Beautiful picture as well.


  2. I think this post is beautiful! I enjoyed reading your ideas of gender equality as an essay and less of just factual evidence! I hope you continue to write here long after the class has ended, because I truly enjoy reading your pieces!


  3. I think it’s really cool, how you are almost, like saying goodbye to this piece of writing, to preserve what you feel made it so good in the first place.


  4. I took a look at your creative essay and I’m impressed 😮
    The imagery was magnificent and sounded like a real book! I really hope you continue it into a novel, I would read it for sure! Awesome work.


  5. You’re an astonishing writer!!


  6. Okay… wow. I absolutely loved your creative essay! I have to admit I was confused at first because I had no idea where the story was going or what the message was, but that’s only because your work up to it was so amazing. The diction and syntax made the story sound so innocent and light, but the message was really powerful! Amazing job!


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